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There may be times when not transmitting Antena 3 TV online, no signal. No blame for this but tvonline legal owner of Stream, Antena 3 in this case.

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Please when Antena 3 does not signal tvonline let me know and I will take measures that related to me because Antena 3 program tvonline be back online so you can enjoy the freedom of Antena 3 programs.

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Antena 3 watch online for free.
Tvonline offers Antena 3 plus a wide variety of free online TV channels, online news, online movies, sports, cartoons online, tele shoping, life style ... so that you can watch free TV programs every day, without any retention. Follow Antena 3 online without any obligation, in the easiest way putiinta.

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147 Responses to "Antena 3"

  1. By Costin on April 30, 2008 | Reply

    None of the Windows Media Player does not work, only those with Mogulus. Do smth!

  2. By TVonline on May 3, 2008 | Reply

    Costin, Antena 3 is fully functional and load other programs using WMP.
    There are problems with each other but not with Antena 3.

  3. By ROBERT_DI_NERRO on May 19, 2008 | Reply


  4. By Florence on Jun 1, 2008 | Reply

    What about the antenna 3 as any I try not work at all

  5. By laura on Jun 3, 2008 | Reply

    works perfectly, it is the nth site that we tried to see Antena 3 and it works perfectly. I will remain faithful;)

  6. By Marian on Jun 19, 2008 | Reply

    ciao tvonline aces like to ask you why not add and OTV, DDTV? send your thanks.

  7. By TVonline on Jun 19, 2008 | Reply

    Marian will, if you jab them with putiinta. I'll see if I can find streams. If you have information do not hesitate to give me a message. still here.

  8. By Marian on Jun 23, 2008 | Reply

    I honestly do not really know but I'll try

  9. By Smith on Jul 27, 2008 | Reply

    brothers crazy I fail to see pro tv sop cast installed 10,000 times but fail

  10. By Smith on Jul 27, 2008 | Reply

    how the hell do I install the Mozilla sop cast that fail to make it to work help

  11. By mojo on Jul 31, 2008 | Reply

    Brother mergeee not! What's up? I want to see him Badea and nimic.Astazi July 31 at 11:25 Merja not! Regards

  12. By Rose Tyler on August 10, 2008 | Reply

    Goes well Antena 3! At least on this site as others do not go! Stays true! I can finally watch Top Gear!

  13. By Sensible on August 31, 2008 | Reply

    You can not see the Internet stations that do not have a license for. Internet to transmit productions than his own, for example. you can watch the news or programs produced by respective televiunile kind teo :)

  14. By adriana on September 15, 2008 | Reply

    I can not see than Why? does not work with Windows Media here can help and I can see tv.mersi The other posts!

  15. By Mihaela Stanescu on September 15, 2008 | Reply

    Antena 3 on this site does not work at all. only appears "Ready"

  16. By Andrew on October 2, 2008 | Reply

    Slutare me go, but with interruptions, but other sites go live ,,, ... so it's my connection 😐 ,,, ... what to do ... .nush mention (using IE .. :) I also installed sopcast Mozilla)

  17. By ADY on October 11, 2008 | Reply

    HOW TO SEE IF AND TV STATIONS EU is of poor quality INTERNRTUL MY ;;;; Staying in a hostel UNIVERSITY AND WIRELESS NET ;;;; AM Mercanti

  18. By Florian on October 14, 2008 | Reply

    're the best job with the people you care, but you do not see the prime minister restructuring plan, he charged the salary, but no other compensation, ieu I guess not convenient, there are their relatives and acquaintances and they get their take bribes from them.

  19. By Florian on October 15, 2008 | Reply

    You see, to put the wolf to guard the sheep, to see what will be strict controls Court of Auditors in order to Vacaroiu.Domnilor the guys did not give anyone from power, maybe a popular uprising, why would I know uni too many others and can not give back, not found in this country enough people very ready to lead COURT OF AUDITORS, we had put all the political, we're all tired, too much mirsevie and nesimtire.florian, BUC .

  20. By babi on October 20, 2008 | Reply

    watch Antena 3 and from time to time I Thank sound

  21. By babi on October 24, 2008 | Reply

    I can not see why ???????????? station

  22. By Misu on November 3, 2008 | Reply

    antena3 goes, I'm all open Winamp, and do not understand why?

  23. By TVonline on November 4, 2008 | Reply

    Misu, opened in winamp you because I did link directly to their website (Antenna 3) online stream. I did this after an alert. Sorry.

    PS Antena3 is functional.

  24. By mihalcea Florentine on November 16, 2008 | Reply

    condolences to all the families ...... ..

  25. By Ionut on December 1, 2008 | Reply

    I do not see Badea brother: ((((...... shit goes 1.12.2008

  26. By sangha on December 2, 2008 | Reply

    Do not go at all Antena 3, the WMP can not go on for a long time and do not manage any on their website to see it is my connection to live.Internetu very good ... .we know that is because I suspect that they managed to do so as not to have any news we hand these guys from far ... .era too good when he went in WMP to keep ... If you find a solution anyone can say to me that my! no reality not always go live discontinue, nothing goes

  27. By Leti on December 11, 2008 | Reply

    Do not you realize that "problems with the aircraft" are still a fumigant to give a press homework until he comes from Bruxeles. Must have working media not to see the world's maneuvers to form a government. Anyway, I think that PSD must leave the negocieri.E well as negotiations were attempted, but it's better to block Basescu's rise. Only the opposition can do this by using NLP. He can not not see what maneuvers PSD makes Basescu. Stop him next year. It's a danger to. Romania. When was referend.el said that the people and the choice of pop. It is sovereign. Now, he says that actually, it is important Parliament (PDL has several mandates). that's the truth. Communicate that and pt.Sinteza Day, the theme of debate.

  28. By willingness on Jan 28, 2009 | Reply

    Good evening ... unfortunately this site for this mom (28.01.2009 time 7:03 p.m.) not going to watch antena3.

  29. By Basil miclaus on March 14, 2009 | Reply

    Better brothers straw harghita guys will steal the country and talk nonsense on TV, (bring to comment peasant ardeal last ... will know better how it lucrurile.ce not remember his statements by foreign tokes, MEPs statements UDMR, etc ... .acela's the truth! statis how many Hungarians are looking through the Szekler ardeal and how many believe the EPE report 1/1000 on and then if those are more Szekler them in Hungary or Slovakia or even in romania (except those in HArg and cov.ei well why not fight for ei.acesti Hungarians and "cunning of romania" deceived and will go with it ....
    dr.mvroman in Transylvania, 50% Hungarian ... ..

  30. By Mihaela manolescu on March 24, 2009 | Reply

    Antena 3 on the Internet does not work
    One can solve

  31. By Florin on April 3, 2009 | Reply

    May brothers give your account once you are pathetic .Tot what antenna is pointed in only one direction, it is shameful for vizibil.Ma itchy when you see that defend democracy and freedom exprimare.EU can not understand how do YOU INDICATE THAT YE FREE? WHEN ALL IS ORDERED THE OWNER OR EL.VA whatever truthfully say that I give a damn about BASE OR OTHER mobs, I'm sick of all that is Romania, but if you are able, PLEASE DO PRESS, NO SERVICE, I DO NOT BELIEVE SC. Service. KNOW THAT NOT ONLY THAT MADE ASTA.DACA Are respite in the remote will not change their attitude and that's why WILL BE PROFESSIONAL called Journalists,

  32. By Paul on April 25, 2009 | Reply

    Earthquake felt in Brasov
    I for one I felt strong enough that I felt for block moves under me computer table, TV were moved.

  33. By rascal on May 30, 2009 | Reply

    If Mr. Schmidt is a member UDMR Lorand? As we understand so, why was parachuted in post director.Nu understand? It hung in TG_MURES. just that there's no point conteaza.De competence to talk, fight for. votes is fierce. and we would wonder, have UDMR hundred votes out there in the madhouse.

  34. By yo on Jun 25, 2009 | Reply

    Mircea Badea want !!!!!

  35. By serban John on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    Mr. Gadea stop the stupid ala minister of those stupid .He has explanations for every answer.

  36. By serban John on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    the guys worrying about things like her pension cumulation wage so they can steal shamelessly with the likes Casuneanu and other bandits

  37. By serban John on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    Mr. Gadea will between Mr Basescu and ask us as to why old national popirea how we pay taxes .pogea was put there to lie Basescu and Boc unforgiving.

  38. By serban John on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    these people who make these revelations are the people in power to make us not to ask her about what they did before 1989 were as collaborators or snitches.

  39. By serban John on Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

    Let people vote no longer get rid of them plague AND ORANGE.

  40. By alex on August 15, 2009 | Reply

    I did not go but I ke of the Firefox Kauz

  41. By armasanu Cazar on September 1, 2009 | Reply


  42. By Lazar on September 3, 2009 | Reply

    They are appalled by those who consider themselves "navel of the world". I remember those who graduated from college just because proving the origin of workers (working several years in factories), and then our own knowledge within the education reform. So it is now. This was decided in the party, it will be done. No matter else! Only they are omniscient, they are top of the world.
    Mr. Hoară (how many (h) time) he recites "poems" pedelişti.
    Ms. Grecu, to save time, it would be better if the poems to be written on the girdle pedelişti than repeating them like a worn plate, each guest Liberal Democrat? It is a waste of time as long as you unearth value judgments necessary to enable Romania to the political and social crisis.
    Almost five years each pedelist spoke, regardless of subject, about Mrs. Monica Macovei fight against corruption. Now it is accused of corruption, not our DNA for involvement in the distribution of family housing, but corruption internationally.

  43. By Lazar on September 11, 2009 | Reply

    He can explain the declaration of assets relating to its revenues and wife?

  44. By danut on September 11, 2009 | Reply

    please ask what changed a kindergarten director 229 was not Mrs minister singura.d months will hit rally disgruntled parents and we promise that will come presa.aceste changes are liking and after political orientation? former director had no political color and therefore no sustinere.are our support of parintilor.toate went f.bine not tell me that did not have degrees, tenure ... ..le have Madam Minister.
    this guideline is to retire anyway anul.mai have some good frames and guiding them aruncati.noua has been named for 3 years and left after 208 kindergarten disrupted activity there, all common shares after a parent-educators. in fact today submitted a memorandum to the ministry and barely wait to bring us this way inapoi.invitam director antennas Monday morning at 8 to see how their rights and parents who are always put in the corner

  45. By Adrian on September 12, 2009 | Reply

    Mircea Badea is very poor how they make a living.
    I wonder if there are others who think like me.

  46. By Delia on September 15, 2009 | Reply

    I do not think that in the situation of economic recession it is right that magistrates receive salary rights higher than in December 2008 and other categories of state employees to receive salary rights diminished considerably compared to December 2008. I think a fair measure was to reduce the wage rights of all ex budgetary categories. with a percentage of 10% compared to December 2008. The mitigation measures of salary compared to December 2008 affected only certain categories of ex chaotic budget in 20 people have never received a bonus, all other low numbers They have not received merit pay, etc. savings are irrelevant.
    Each state employees with higher education have completed college as magistrates and gave exams for the positions they occupy. The career of a judge as a judge of the court and start going to judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Career doctor, engineer, teacher, economist at maximum function other state employees who are in similar institutions of importance / level as the High Court of Cassation and Justiţiear be at a level close to the salary of the judge.
    Not all Magistère come with 200 cases these are exceptions and performance means cases solved. Those who have more folders to receive a bonus for high volume activity.
    There is a shortage of magistrates because all who qualify for retirement within / advance (age magistrate) want to retire because pensions are abnormally high even higher than those of a magistrate who is in business.
    It is not fair to be so large dieferente between minimum and maximum pension especially considering the fact that magistrates pension is calculated differently than their state pensions that receive a service pension higher than the contribution to the pension fund.
    If you see the wealth declarations of CSM magistrates and apportioned to 12 months see income per month but in most cases you will not find in these statements other rights indemniazatia 2% of taxable per diem framing (other budget were fixed amount of 13 euro / day The delegation magistrates daily reach millions of delegation), and dental drugs settlements, important transportation during the year and during the leave, the rent that all revenue for other state employees are paid their monthly salary rights they receive from the state public money.
    I hope to present the truth and all walks of life to be seen depending on the importance of their training work and not like privileged who do not care about other social groups, the unemployed, pensioners with small guesthouses.

  47. By STEFAN on September 16, 2009 | Reply

    Mr. olteanu will be challenged CAP. IV LAW OF THE SALARY PENSION cumulation reorganization CCR? REASONS GEO ACELEASI.NU ERA remained more correct to apply progressive tax?

  48. By mogo on September 18, 2009 | Reply

    ba brother does not go at all what the hell has three antenna.

  49. By getatudorache on September 20, 2009 | Reply

    basescu wedding. A guest said that going to sebari not to be reproseza not participated.
    The man was parallel.
    Celebration: public money (ours)
    Wedding: money, many of those who do the wedding.
    It puts one question how much a eating utensil? He thought someone like men have calculated every eating utensil (consumer-wedding gift)?
    they know that those going to the wedding are calculating how much an eating utensil and how they pay so they remain something and Friendly wonder?
    Those who participate in your programs. I have no idea what it means to work - not necessarily for. minimum wage, but even for. ... the average wage.
    they have no idea what expense-consumption-tax calculations for organizers of weddings.
    suntin another world .... those with over 10,000 lei / month ... Terza up! You know how to live with the minimum wage? imagine, even?

  50. By lu nastase class on September 21, 2009 | Reply

    not much going with this online site

  51. By ana on September 27, 2009 | Reply

    fails to see any post on any MAC? I followed all the steps, I may download and firefox I said I can not work with Safari but ... NOTHING ..
    wait suggestions

  52. By Fany on September 30, 2009 | Reply

    September 30, 2009 / h 12.58 ROMANIA IN POLITICAL CHAOS (and social); PDL seeks to ingenucheze PSD, PL shaves beard, UDMR chime, unionists petitioneza PRESIDENT wage is Fetesti, Mr BOC remained hidden until 13,00, Mr Nica paid (in fact) Ms Udrea broken pots go before us rolling (the pride PDL) in strikes, poverty, political crises, governmental chaos, legislative default, and so on. WHERE TO ROMANIA ??? miss me Iliescu ????

  53. By Fany on September 30, 2009 | Reply


  54. By Fany on September 30, 2009 | Reply


  55. By Basil Zavada on October 17, 2009 | Reply

    I do not understand why it will not display e / mail as do other televisions, or is it secret? Work somehow / 2 a pound?
    Do not let bosul and will require you to be secrecy?
    It asteppt from turning to e / mail you can communicate with you. And if you do not give siva divorce out of my grid programs.

  56. By PAULA on October 19, 2009 | Reply

    LAST DAYS "wise" OUR PRESIDENT HAVE A DILEMMA; Use the same slogan OF THE 2004 CAMPAIGN IN imminent or find another.
    Today I had the pleasant surprise TO RECEIVE HIS NEW SLOGAN. Here it is:
    "Live as a want LORD
    Eat what cut ciomu "

  57. By vali on November 3, 2009 | Reply

    pt show presenter:
    stool is made of feces, not nose.

  58. By vali on November 3, 2009 | Reply

    stool is made of feces, no nose

  59. By Witch on November 4, 2009 | Reply

    for voters to base it wishes them
    "I want to live like a lord
    eat what cut ciomu "

  60. By george on November 5, 2009 | Reply

    brothers ba ... ..more make dreaq and programs with competent people to talk about the real problems of Romanian and let hell attacks and political struggle between parties, not interested p anybody starving world ... idiots

  61. By gigi on November 18, 2009 | Reply

    I bet that something will not go through CAP In Neamt Roman-uli mayors around Orange walk from house to house, especially in the elderly, with Bible in hand churchgoers out how to cite one million single person and cite 1.5 million for 2 person and ask them to swear on the Bible as a vote for Basescu

  62. By Nicholas on November 25, 2009 | Reply

    Just before the tour two Radulescu bring the Trojan horse to get them to canvass basanescu! ! ! BRAVO !. . . . .

  63. By Casian Vasile on November 30, 2009 | Reply

    How allow such a specimen advancing these trifles, and we actually work that we do masele.Maine sacked as Army 18 years and over 1 year will trebiui to go as they like Messrs generali.Nu is correct.

  64. By par on December 2, 2009 | Reply

    Dl.Basescu stated and publicly confirmed some time ago that 20% of Romanians are ... what keeps homosexuali.Isi beloved president?

    What would have to be interviewed again until elections dl.Basescu on this important aspect of his philosophy?

  65. By KOKETT on December 2, 2009 | Reply


  66. By Ortega on December 3, 2009 | Reply

    To you will not abhor the displayed percentage ...? Felix cat would ...? -100?

  67. By Ileana on December 4, 2009 | Reply

    As a benefit, as discourse and rhetoric over rival Basescu was much sau.A been consistent. Geoana started better, true, but only responded well to what was prepared. I was not categorized parrot, and others have done.
    Vantu was awkward phase. Geoana showed that Basescu's campaign theme was not chosen wrong.
    Vows made the difference: Geoana lied, although he took my hand on the Bible three times, so he lied in our face and Basescu made additional remarks. Basically, it is clear that there was something there, but he denied the much commented fist. So my conclusion is that the remarks made ptr to be honest. Here's the difference. I do not have any doubt who vote ...

  68. By kgbasescu on December 5, 2009 | Reply

    Basescu undercover officer recruited by former KGB service provided information for the sinking of two Russian independent oil and UNIREA (157TDW each) the latter was torpedoed by Russian submarine in capKALIAKRA are classified evidence in the archives .I participated in the rescue operation UNIREA crew from Long Island Sound until ROMANIAN Russians to destroy his fleet ideplinit using KGB agent Basescu (codenamed likely "torpedo" actual "PROFESSOR")

  69. By kgbasescu on December 5, 2009 | Reply

    CONTINUED: see if immolation of 30 ships in a port francez.La ANTWERP Basescu oversaw the processing of gemstones from diamonds in Angola and Central and South African countries received consideration for weapons and services (operations) mlitare exported by Romania that area. (see conamnarea Policies that's VA STANCULESCU and Chiţac) = cover-up, cover, ASCUNDERE.In Hayssam case & CO. ROMANIA export weapons in Arab countries (under international embargo) against oil.

  70. By mary on December 6, 2009 | Reply

    basescu out :))))))) why I stay in romania? :)))))) you are traitors of this nation you :)))) I am your .ingenunchiati the descendants of Judas ... psd money: )))
    do not be afraid to vote for today all go our base
    nice or dirty lie Merem all new base

  71. By Marius on December 6, 2009 | Reply

    to be ashamed of what kind of TV do !!! I am a young man from ardeal political sipati but we have not censored Antena 3 will unite and make the game altora.mi candidates would have liked ardealu not be part of your mud and you only see on television there in the jungle about Mister ciutacu and everyone at that show that virtually every night before we go back in time 89 should gasasca else they retract from you and me I hope I do not live my youth in a country ruled by communists who cenzureaza.multumesc

  72. By jhon_pd him on December 7, 2009 | Reply

    Let basescu.
    gioana trash.
    psd drank champagne ... ..s enjoyed nothing like suckers base because it gave them the bot.
    My expectations were normal.
    and the antenna should be abolished.

  73. By jhon_pd him on December 7, 2009 | Reply

    3 antenna shame.
    Shame on you, what you are unreliable communists.
    you are not worthy of our country program.
    This is an ironic and unashamedly political program.

  74. By jhon_pd him on December 7, 2009 | Reply

    Antena 3 callousness.
    that my greatest desire would be abolition TV program. Antena 3.
    May pant instead nesintirea better you recognize you and to ask for a cartoon. children that you have greater success.
    we tired of that besinosii who yesterday displayed in your dirty show.

  75. By Igor on December 7, 2009 | Reply

    ...... .la All munctorii from one antenna :)))))

  76. By diana on December 9, 2009 | Reply

    with all mihnireain soul, I can say that I have 5 grandchildren in Italy. papers of Italy. no one voted but checked my sources are switched on and sign cnp_uri they voted. and they are read. no evidence that these are not or stolen votes ????????. We noroccu you as you make the debates that we ease the soul that there are people in this country who have the courage to tell the truth and do not anyone and e fricade I want those who vorbescdespre nimic.tare communism if and looked dex and I know what this cuvint.Pe communists who do ??

  77. By elilov3 on December 10, 2009 | Reply

    Check here the reality ... .Some think what outfit to see ladies in May they take trips from going through what others are starving in other parts of the world what's worse is the fact that most are children

  78. By sapunel on December 10, 2009 | Reply

    VAM thieves have lost a trifle riddled suteti some pupincuristi ordinari.halal pissed that you lost the bone as the largest hot voiculescu of romaniava be put nose out of joint .psd not know how small a television cringing to devii.o As antena3 I do not think there is in the world asta.daca president will inchideampentru I was misinformed as terrible world

  79. By dumitriu costinel on December 12, 2009 | Reply

    How do you think the police .Armatasi see other structures like the situation to be on leave without pay? When something is unheard of in history?

  80. By PARASCHIV Viorel on December 13, 2009 | Reply

    police said the election was rigged. when he entered the polling stations, the forms were stamped Traian Basescu and output fidelity companions were expected £ 100 .rog discretion that we live under communism. We live in fear for conversations that we have on mobile.

  81. By vali on December 21, 2009 | Reply

    grecu large berth slugaciune you lick ... more

  82. By dan on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    flat tax is not auavut apllica and companies activity?

  83. By Marius on Jan 19, 2010 | Reply

    duneavoastra show is very good

  84. By traian on February 11, 2010 | Reply

    Prime Minister Boc in the desire to make budget savings as much off and the light at the end of the tunnel

  85. By comiza on February 13, 2010 | Reply

    check national agency for Roma

  86. By diana on February 17, 2010 | Reply

    I am a secretary at a school with 35 given wages for January and no teacher has not lost any money just muncitorii.Eu support staff and 450 staff have lost roni of merit pay that you should be aware that it is pt.un year and making abstr. 330 law which no longer give anyway I could not get him knowing that it was given by rotation, the rest of the screen gain Forgive us work 10:00 of 8 and computer and take us right. The workload is very high so far did not do enough diplomas yet now we print three diploma in addition to graduation, a total of 6 degrees to graduate high school after 24 hours stay in school to print your diplomas, do not leave to cite two years ago and they do not pay any suplimentare.Liderii hours facatreaba Saxon union should not agitate, responding more portions dac- wondering cv and ugly trimitetii the chair.

  87. By TANASE VASILICA on February 22, 2010 | Reply

    Mr. PETRESCU be sent home to bring the theme that made the book Peter memory chip has only implemented PARTY AND BASE loving parent, I brainwashed.
    Do not know about micro enterprises, but about minimum tax (flat rate) to many thousands of companies with no activity for many years knows ?.
    I consider theft highwaymen and ask the BOC; PETRESCU; BASESCU their father to pay her for me that I have a company in 1996, then worked 3 months and then nothing much joy, I found that I could support him dear BOC - * pay my humble flat rate pension.

  88. By Manuela Farcas on February 23, 2010 | Reply

    If Romanian politicians should have at least 5% of intelligence needed to understand his humor Mircea Badea, behind which hides the despair, helplessness to do anything, sick cosmic dimensions from what is happening in the country, so if you would have that 5% + a vague trace of decency (which will not have, of course), then it should be queued in orderly manner, and head, without creating panic for the nearest graveyard, where to proceed from a suicide collective joy to Romania, which could use a hora, along and across the country.
    Liana, Romania (NOT voted for papiţoiul Nambara Romanian UAN).

  89. By CORNELIA OANA on February 23, 2010 | Reply

    Mr Radu Tudor and Ms. DANA GRECU want to feel a different solution that the government found it to make savings in the budget, which no one comment that go unnoticed. I am retired disabled the age limit I enjoyed emphasized the adoption of Law 360/2009 which provide ... tax exemption salaries and pensions pers. accentuat..Cu severely handicapped and the art.I pct.153 GEO 109/2009 repealed these laws and therefore canceled the small facilities of poor and sick people in need. Va rog daca e posibil dezbateti aceasta problema ,poate aude cine trebuie sa auda si se vor rusina de isprava lor. Cu deosebita consideratie , va multumesc.

  90. By luiza on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Cred ca grabirea debarcarii lui Geoana este legata de sanatatea precara a Presedintelui,Mircea Geoana fiind al doilea om in stat, deci: trebuie adus urgent in locul unui PSD-ist, un PDL-ist, nu?

  91. By zafiu valentin on Mar 8, 2010 | Reply

    lucrez in invatamant emisiunile dumneavoastra sunt facute doar cu cei fara grija zilei celei de maine (cei care mananca carne in fiecare zi si nu numara cati cartofi sa mance la o masa pe masa pe membru de familie)aduce-ti in emisiuni oamenii simpli, ca ne-am saturat de economistii care bat apa in piua in fiecare emisiune,iar daca credeti ca dand afara x la ce putere vreti dumneavoastra se vor rezolva problemele amarnic va inselati si nu am scoala celor scoliti care dau lectii la tv

  92. By gabriel on Mar 10, 2010 | Reply

    de ce na comentato acum 2 ani ca o stia ,Gioana de ce ai tacut si acuma vi s-io spui ia zi

  93. By Mihai Popescu on Mar 10, 2010 | Reply

    Stimata doamna,
    Nu inteleg de ce o invitati pe aceasta PDL-ista de nadejde, care de cate ori vine la emisiunile dv. nu spune nimic. Bate campii intr-o veselie, vorbeste din amintiri, nu stie ce vorbeste.

  94. By Mihai Popescu on Mar 17, 2010 | Reply

    Stimata doamna,
    Ati observat ca invitatul dv. de la PDL, este foarte relaxat, ascultand ce discutati in studio.
    Ca vorbiti degeaba, din pacate. Nu are nici cea mai mica emotie ca cele doua motiuni ar insemna ceva pentru ei (PDL)si nici altele care probabil vor urma.

  95. By Bereczki Anton on Mar 21, 2010 | Reply

    Mă numesc Anton Bereczki ( din Tg. Mureş! Sunt persoană cu handicap grav şi îmi este din ce în ce mai greu să mă deplasez de la etaj, din acest motiv de foarte multe ori sunt nevoit să stau în casă zile întregi. Am nevoie de un aparat care să mă ajute în această problemă critică. Vă rog, ajutaţi-mă cu un apel (numai romtelecom) la numărul de telefon 0900900610, aşa puteţi contribui cu 2 € în procurarea aparatului care costă 5000 €! Mulţumesc din suflet! – Vă rog, trimiteţi mai departe!
    Ajutati si veti fi ajutati, e simplu sa faci un bine.

  96. By dinu eduard on Mar 24, 2010 | Reply

    faptul ca domnul mazare sa imbracat in uniforma nemteasca in timpul sau liber nu are nici o relevanta cu basicarea lumi este incorect sa tot ii faceti observatie intr-o lume democratica orice este permis atit cit nu afecteaza integritatea cueva si nu vad cum o uniforma fara alte gesturi compromitatoare ar putea leza asta

  97. By dinu eduard on Mar 24, 2010 | Reply

    eu nu stiu cum puteti face emisiune cu politicienii puterii cind acestea ne JIGNESC PROFUND SI ULTIMUA CHESTIE CARE NE AMAI RAMAS

  98. By Dan Bandrabur on Jun 11, 2010 | Reply

    sunt abonat la Click-net si ma chinui sa vad postul Antena 3, preferatul meu. Nu numai ca nu reusesc, dar apar tot felul de reclame. As ramane dator sa-mi spuneti daca este ceva de facut [inafara de a-mi schimba abonamentul, care, din pacate, este pe 2(doi) ani lungi si grei…]

  99. By Dan Bandrabur on Jun 20, 2010 | Reply

    Antena 3 nu se vede online !
    Dar subscriu 100% la tot ce afirma Manuela Farcas . Nu se putea spune mai bine !!! Bravo domnisoara: daca se mai aduna inca vreo 2-3 si tot nu sa stins speranta ca in tara…pardon, in tinutul asta se mai poate trai. Pana va deveni o tara mai este drum lung si generatii care ar trebui sa evolueze. Schimbarea incepe cu noi insine !

  100. By Mihai Popescu on Jul 3, 2010 | Reply

    Daca pentru donatii erau si numere de telefon, era mult mai bine. Cei mai in varsta care doresc sa doneze trebuie sa mearga la BRD, sa completeze un formular, sa astepte la rand sa ajunga la ghiseu unde este un operator plictisit de viata. Pentru batrani este foarte mult. Numere de telefon diferentiate pe sume era foarte bine. Si cine vrea foloseste si contul BRD.

  101. By Gogu on Jul 15, 2010 | Reply

    Rusine antena 3 majoritatea colegilor mei va-u scos din program! aveti o emisiune terorista sa va fie rusin

  102. By Dan on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    Bun program Antena3

  103. By no name on Dec 21, 2010 | Reply

    buna seara,
    noi astia…cu calculatoare adevarate (no windoz) dc suntem discriminati? dc totul se rezuma la penibilul windows? de Macintosh nu vreti sa auziti? pacat, nu stiti ce pierdeti!

  104. By Relu on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    D-le Gadea, inițiați o serie de emisiuni în care sa dezbateți – invitând reprezentanți ai Curții de Conturi- modul în care este respectat art. 139 din
    Constituția României

  105. By Relu on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    Felicitări postului Ant.3 pentru dezbaterile pe cazul Sobaru.Tricoul acestuia trebuie sa devina steagul revolutivii din Romania

  106. By carmen on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    Esti foarte nesimtita doamna Ruxandra, Noi ne uitam la televizor si intelegem foarte bine ce spune fiecare invitat.Voi la antena sunteti caracterizati de nesimtire si mistocareala, si dumneata iti poti permite sa-i spui unui invitat ca sa fie ironic la el acasa ?
    Ma mir ca nu va crapa obrazul de rusine.
    Sa va spun si eu acum ca sunteti pupincuristii lui Voiculescu.
    Mi-e pur si simplu sila.

  107. By Florin on May 7, 2011 | Reply

    Numai oameni culti pe aici.Daca nu va place un anumit post tv,de ce va mai uitati?Intrati pe toate site-urile sa-l slaviti pe Basescu,si sa denigrati pe cei care “traiesc bine” din cauza lui.

  108. By Titus on May 8, 2011 | Reply

    Am asteptat cu nerabdare emisiunea despre Brancusi din 08.05.2011 la ANTENA3 , pentru care ati facut anterior publicitate, dar dezamagirea a fost foarte mare. Mi-a lasat un gust amar, pentru ca, de fapt, ati urmarit promovarea unui personaj monden.

  109. By Dragomir on May 12, 2011 | Reply

    Am un laptop cu Windows 7 preinstala si ca browser Explorer 9 si nu reusesc sa vad nici un post de la Antene pe internet Apare o caseta care imi spune ca a intervenit o problema si trebuie sa inchida pagina . Ce setari trebuiesc facute pentru a putea vedea online Antena ? Cine stie va rog trimiteti un raspuns la ******* si va multumesc foarte mult .

    R: Dragomir, am rezolvat la antena3. Era link-ul schimbat. Acum Antena3 este online. Si eu am Win7 si le pot vedea. Internet explorer ultima versiune + Adobe Flash Player

  110. By neculai on May 31, 2011 | Reply

    Azi dimineata la prezentrea vremii pe Antena3 am vazut o aberatie!!!!! La Miercurea Ciu 6 grade C.!!!!! Pai de unde luati voi datele???? La ora 6,30 erau 16 grade. Verificati.

    R: Am facut eu o verificare si comform intr-adevar erau 6 grade. Acum la ora 14 sunt 22 de grade. Nu avea cum la ora 6 dim sa fie 16 grade. Este absolut normal. In Miercurea Ciuc sunt termperaturi foarte scazute noaptea. In aceasta noapte vor fi 7 grade celsius

  111. By vana on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    Nu pot auzi antena 3 de vazut vad dar se opreste si sunetul si imaginea din 3 in 3 secunde . De ce am un Digi mobil net si functioneaza internetul dar postul Tv nu se aude . O fi cal culatorul de vina ?Vreau sa ma ajutati.

  112. By honciug on Oct 26, 2011 | Reply

    -laudabila ideia transmiterii in direct a sarbatoririi a 90 de ani de viata a MS REGELE MIHAI. dar exista un dar,in loc sa prezinte personalitatile care au participat la aniversare ,necunoscute publicului larg, luau interviu lui iliecsu,acel iliescu care nu avea ce cauta la cea aniversare. punct.

  113. By RADU on Oct 27, 2011 | Reply


  114. By leontin on Jan 15, 2012 | Reply

    postul antena 3 este unicul post care este cu noi ,felicitari conduceri si tuturor angajatilor pentru modul exemplar si corect prin care ajung stirile la noi netrunchiate,virgine asa cum sant an realitate,precum si pentru efortul continu facut pentru ca noi romani sa traim mai bine,sa fim mai bine informati si protejati.cinste si respect pentru tot aparatul antenei3.

  115. By leontin on Jan 15, 2012 | Reply

    felicitari antena3

  116. By nelu masala on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    Balada “marelui conducator”

    Mai Traiane nici nu stii,
    Cat de mic incepi sa fii !
    Ai lovit in Arafat
    Si de-atunci stai izolat.
    Marele conducator,
    Dezertor de pe vapor,
    Sef de stat cum tu ti-ai spus
    Sub o vasla stai ascuns!
    Ghicitoare ai lansat,
    Partidul ti-ai daramat.
    In sondaj l-ai pravalit
    Neintrebat cand ai vorbit .
    Simt in racnetele-ti lungi,
    Prim-ministru ai-vrut s-ajungi.
    Premier tu vei mai fi,
    Cand voi naste eu copii (ha, ha, ha…..)
    Sigur obosit erai,
    Ori de tine nu stiai
    Cand la TV-ai sunat,
    Ca mine cand te-am votat !!!
    Eu iti jur… voi repara,
    Tu… fii barbat: DEMISIA !

  117. By Gabriel on Feb 11, 2012 | Reply

    Draga Antena3,sunteti cel mai iubit post de televiziune al meu,dar nu pot sa va prind pe net in Austria unde sunt la munca,,asa cum a spus Base,daca nu ne place in tara sa plecam ca sa -i aducem lui epuroi.Va duc dorul din Austria.Va rog in acest sens sa faceti ceva.Va multumesc.

  118. By ariciul on Feb 29, 2012 | Reply

    Nu merge Antena 3 pe net ! Sabotaj de la rechinii cu cablul !

  119. By florinel on Mar 23, 2012 | Reply

    Nu marge antena 3 pe net

  120. By sanda ionita on Mar 24, 2012 | Reply

    de 3 zile antena 3 nu se mai poate vedea online?ce se intampla?am incercat peste tot?sunt in praga si va iubesc,admir si respect rog sa incercati sa remediati acest neajuns

  121. By Paul on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Antena 3 nu se mai poate prinde nici online? Imi cere sa instalez noul flasplayer dar degeaba. Plus de ce scrie sa renunt la browserul Firefox? Cum vine asta? Acum nu mai pot prinde postul nici la televizor (am Digi tv) si nici online.

  122. By mapx on Jun 20, 2012 | Reply

    folositi sopcast (impreuna cu netlimiter ca sa nu va nenorociti complet uploadul), sau (cand nu merge direct de pe site prin flash), merge foarte bine cu rtmpdump 2.5 combinat cu VLC sau cu ffplay

  123. By Marian on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    Felicitari, va urmarim permanent, ziua (cand suntem acasa) si in fiecare seara, in special sinteza zilei.
    Vreau, daca e posibil, ca D-na Oana Stancu sa faca o investigatie privind vanzarea sinei de cale ferata de catre Marinar, cand a fost Ministru Transporturilor. Mii de vagoane (cu sina CF) au fost trimise in portul Constanta, probabil prin firma lui Mircea.

  124. By aneta on Jul 13, 2012 | Reply

    explicati, va rog, oamenilor simpli ce inseamna demis. Se vor incurca la vot necunoscand termenul.Vor fi tentati sa puna stampila pe nu, desi ar vrea sa-l dea jos pe Basescu.

  125. By dorica on Jul 13, 2012 | Reply

    Urmaresc zilniz antena 3 si foarte des si in reluare emisiuninea lui Mircea Badea.Este idolul meu.Tine-o tot asa Mircea!. Avem nevoie, azi, de multi Mircea Badea. Felicitari!

  126. By ionel on Jul 31, 2012 | Reply

    pe net nu mai merge antena3 de cateva zile ce ai basescule cu poporul piratule

  127. By Georgeta on Aug 27, 2012 | Reply

    Multumim Antena 3 pentru ca e alaturi de cei prezenti la referendum si cinste domnului Ioan Ghise pentru demersurile pe care le face,si speram ca la alegerile din toamna,unde il vom sustine,va fi propus pentru un rol important in politica romaneasca.Este printe putinii politicieni caruia ii pasa si de oamenii de rand.

  128. By vas on Sep 13, 2012 | Reply

    Nu vad antena 3 pe internet, am stich (wireless) de la rds-rcs.

  129. By ion on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    Referitor la Parlamentari alesi la alegerile din 09.12.2012 pe baza calculatorului eu cosider ca ar trebui sa fie platiti de acesta si nu de Popor.

  130. By ana-maria on Dec 14, 2012 | Reply

    Sunteti tot timpul pusi pe harta; lasati-i sa se instaleze, sa lucreze si apoi criticati.
    O sa pierdeti din audienta.

  131. By ana-maria on Dec 14, 2012 | Reply

    sunteti tot timpul pusi pe harta; o sa va pierdeti din audienta.

  132. By ana-maria on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Spuneti-i d-nului Snecher sa-si coase buzunarul daca nu se poate abtine, macar cand intervieveaza ministrii.
    Ne mai miram de d-nul presedinte care moaie degetul in gura pt a rasfoi acel document dat lui Barosso.

  133. By Grigore Elena on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    Pentru Radu si Dana Grecu: Va rog sa aveti in vedere ca plangerile penale le rezolva procurorii impreuna cu organele de politie. Deci ce putea reclama politista de la OLT? Cred ca se da NUP, ori nici nu i se inregistra plangerea penala. Cazuri similare, dar cu alte subiecte sunt la multe judete in cadrul politiei si al parchetelor. Trebuiesc facute schimbari radicale si aplicate prevederile legale. Cine ii mai asigura un loc de munca politistei??? Tel meu 0721222225. Eu am avut plangeri penale formulate din 2008 si 2009, care nu sunt solutionate.

  134. By liviu on Jan 25, 2013 | Reply

    ma bucur mult pentru postul antenei 1,2,3 an amisiunile frumoase /dar bagati tot felul de magari cu prigoanca cei mai trebiue si la urata aia pensie si alt iubit la varstra ei nui rusine si ca ea sunt multe prostituare o bagati la toate stirile si cu tigaia ce face reclama si ea nui anstare sa faca de mancare putoare dracului ca azi maine ne va conduce si tara proastele ca ia ca zavoreanca si altele artiste ca ele care au ajun asa din cer ,ar mai fi si domnul becali pai deaia merge tara asa prost ca ne conduce prosti si prostituatele ,mai primiti an emisiune si mincinosi ca,miron cozma care ne anselat pe noi an valea jiului de 320 lei din anul2009si nici an prezent nu ni ia dat ,pai cu astia sa faci treaba an tara noatra romania si ca el este ponta crinu basescu udrea si 80%din hoti alesi an parlamentul romaniei halal tara de c–atam ajuns si va merge mai rau cu escroci si mincinosi care sunt la putere acum si mai vin din urma si prostituatele ca zavo prigoanca ,ca toate ce fac poze debracate mie rusine sa mai spun ca sunt romani cu asa oameni de cacaooooooo.

  135. By Pop George on Apr 14, 2013 | Reply

    Ce facm cu ungurii? Isi bat joc de noi cum vor,acasa ,afara .Imi puteti da voi o solutie pertinenta?Ultima data cand am iesit din Romania opreau la control la vama toti romanii la control.80 euro amenda pt toti care aveau o sticla de tuica . Am vazut un autocar de Harghita plin cu remorca nici macar nu s-au sinchisit sa-l opreasca doar salutat si cateva schimburi de cuvinte in limba lor “di merda”. Partea romana lipsea cu desavarsire.Toti cei care au trecut adica de-ai nostri au platit 80 euro si confiscat tot .Nu-s nationalist dar cred ca daca aveam un pistol mitraliera incepeam razboiul ii terminam pe toti.Va spun serios ca daca mi se iveste alta situatie de genul asta no sa ma mai las calcat in picioare indiferent de consecinte.Va rog sa luati e-mailul ca proba in eventualitatea ca se va intampla ceva,pt ca daca autoritatile europene si cele romane nu iau nici o masura in modul de c omportare a ungurilor eu o sa-mi fac dreptate singur.Tot ce fac ungurii e DE NESIMTIRE SI DE NEDESCRIS VA ROG Sa LUATI ATITUDINE.Cand se intalnesc 2 unguri povestesc ungureste indiferent de cate persoane sunt in jur si de nationalitate,in schimb romanii chiar daca au ajuns de 10 zile in Italia de ex nu mai stiu sa vorbeasca romasneste. TREZITI-VA!

  136. By alina on May 23, 2013 | Reply

    De ce nu merge Antena 3 ? Eu sunt in Germania si este singurul post de tv romanesc pe care il urmaresc on-line ! Pana ieri a mers fara nici o problema .

  137. By Angela on May 24, 2013 | Reply

    Ce se intampla cu transmiterea Antenei in Spania si este un post pe care cu mult interés il urmaresc.Astazi nu a mers .

  138. By Alexandra on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    de ce antena 3 e cel mai vizionat program tv de stiri?

  139. By Mariana on Jun 28, 2013 | Reply

    Nu ii mai ridicati pe doctori in slavi.Nu-i comparati cu cei din Montenegro !
    Unii poate sunt corecti, dar unde sunt aceea!
    Daca ajungi in spital , mori, daca nu dai bani.
    Sotul meu a avut un mic acident acasa si am fost la urgenta.
    Langa patul sotului meu era un copil , student de 18-19 1ni care avusese un accidentde masina,
    iar doctorii nu l-au bagat in operatie pana nu a datr maicasa 18 m il(1800 ron)
    Si vreti salarii”decente' pt doctori si le iau de la pacienti, salarii mai mari decat in occident.
    Sunt hiene la drumul mare.
    Sa plece pe luna daca nu le convine.
    Sa se privatizeze , ca oricum tot de stat beneficiaza si”privatizarile” lor.
    Nu-i mai plangeti atat.Ofiterii tarii mor de foame, pe capete,traiesc in mizerie,de ce doctorii sa traiasca ff bine , iar ofiterii tarii in mizerie.
    Si ei ne apara si servesc tara.
    Sunt sacali la drumul mare.
    Si o asistenta traieste fff bine
    Ajunge la peste 100 mil / luna.
    Amarati !
    Dar un doctor?
    Sute de milioane!

  140. By Nani Maricel on Jul 8, 2013 | Reply

    M-ati dezinformat. Stirile d-tra se refera la Universitatea Al. Ioan Cuza, ori univ. tehnica este cu totul altceva. De ce asa dezinformare?

  141. By Nani Maricel on Jul 8, 2013 | Reply

    Este un post de televiziune santajabil cub o gasca de slugi a lui Voiculescu si familia. Inresc dezgustator.

  142. By iesean cinstit 2 on Jul 14, 2013 | Reply


  143. By constantin on Jul 29, 2013 | Reply

    Oameni buni !
    Fac parte dintr-o comunitate de ROMANI stabiliti de foarte multi ani in America,stat NewJersey si urmarim cu drag emisiunile ANTENA 3 TV.Va rugam ,scoateti de pe sticla acel crainic(nu merita sa-i scriem numele ) de la emisiunea IN GURA PRESEI.Este un om arogant,cu un vocabular de maidan uneori si cu greu suportabil cu acele miscari de actor prost.Avem nevoie de emisiunea asta,prezentata in alt stil . Speram sa notati asta spre binele romanilor ce va asculta si vede . Mult success si felicitari pentru ce faceti voi aci ! All the best!

  144. By ionut on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    -pentru cei care nu prind antena3… stiti ca nu pierdeti nimic…sunt sigur ca aveti in grila un post de desene animate sau comedie,e acelasi lucru…sunt asa de penibili ca te tii de burta de ras…e perfect ,hotul striga hotii.

  145. By CACARAU on Oct 31, 2013 | Reply

    Antena 3 este o rusine pentru aceasta tara.

  146. By carmen on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    streamul antena3 live tv nu se incarca azi , toata ziua 12 febr 2014 , locuiesc in israel , ce se intampla?

  147. By letitia on Apr 23, 2015 | Reply

    I like Mr. Adrian Ursu reports and of Mrs. Carmen Avram.Sa God keep them healthy to make good reports about romaniidin Ukraine, Russia, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Croatia and Slovenia about istroromanii of about aromaniidin Albania, Greece, Macedonia .I want to know about the Romanians in Serbia and Bulgaria and Hungary in May des.Sa are and about meglenoromani.Am understood that 117 Romanian schools were closed in Greece by Pauker and Government Greciei.De not open now, Aromanians because there Greciei.Latinofonii contributed to the development of the Balkans must be supported to become as they were in the old days, their villages would be renasca.Am frequent links with latinofonii all around Romania, links, cultural, economic, etc. .We'm tired of seeing tv channels which did not help matters, romanimea.De example, gossip, x, y.Vrem good to know our nation, we want to know who put obstacles and who are stealing money Romans around Romaniei.Vrem intended that the Romanian Government to be loving nation that borders besides him, was not el.Pentru rid of demographic growth, to take example from the Romans in Poroscovo and Mircea [Ukraine] .Stoparea forced denationalisation, must be active, to know all the West, everyone who ajuta.Doamne give you civilizata.Doamne izbanda.Terenurile ancient Thracian [Dacian] to be transferred to the country-mama.Ce get enemies have to be kept Romanians for which, as so will their muscles? Occupants send them in armed conflicts Romans, they closed schools, ii deznationalizeaza by force, stealing their treasure.

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